Data Services - Define...Clean…Enrich
We work with you to cleanse your data and to streamline your processes so that you get the most for your student marketing budget.

Analytic Services - Profile...Target...Test...Measure
We customize a plan based on your institutions unique needs to deliver customized analytic solutions that make the tough decisions easy.

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Predictive Analytics - Predict…Identify…React
By using the past to predict the future, enrollment managers can be more proactive and strategic.

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Data Quality

Data Audit & Documentation – Receive an in depth look into the integrity of chosen elements within your database. You receive a report that details the findings and proposes strategies for cleansing your file. We also facilitate the creation of a data dictionary that defines each of the elements within your database.

Data Hygiene

Address Verification & Standardization - Standardize your addresses to meet USPS® requirements for CASS Certified™ mailings. Uncover undeliverable addresses and cleanse your addresses to improve upon data enhancement match rates and duplicate identification.

NCOA Processing – Reduce your undeliverable mail by identifying movers in your mailing list and updating your records with their new address information.

Duplicate Identification – Identify and flag duplicate records within your database.

Merge / Purge – Merge together multiple data sources and purge out duplicates.

Data Enhancement

List Research & Acquisition – Identify hard to find vendors and more responsive mail and email lists appropriate for your current marketing campaign. Upon identification of desirable lists, we will acquire and convert the lists so you can easily incorporate these names into your system or alternatively use our promotion file hosting service.

Geographic Appends – Obtain valuable information about the communities of your students at the zip code, census tract and/or block levels.

Demographic Appends – Uncover more specific information about the households in your database to be used for more personable mailings or in analyzing behavioral performance.

Lifestyle Appends – Leverage information identifying the various life stages your students reside in.

Phone Appends – Append phone numbers for your student records based on the provided residential addresses.

Data Processing Management

Promotion File Housing – Receive assistance with hosting and maintaining the various components of your prospecting file.

Predictive Model Scoring – As an alternative to implementing a predictive model on site, we can implement your predictive model at TEG and score your submitted files on an ongoing basis.

Data Entry – Have your data keyed and formatted to be uploaded into your system.