Data Services - Define...Clean…Enrich
We work with you to cleanse your data and to streamline your processes so that you get the most for your student marketing budget.

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Analytic Services - Profile...Target...Test...Measure
We customize a plan based on your institutions unique needs to deliver customized analytic solutions that make the tough decisions easy.

Predictive Analytics - Predict…Identify…React
By using the past to predict the future, enrollment managers can be more proactive and strategic.

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Analytic Profiling – Understand what demographic, geographic and lifestyle characteristics that make up your database.

House file Profiling – Uncover behavioral differences in your students using attributes already maintained within your database.

Geographic Profiling – Reveal behavioral differences in your students using demographic attributes obtained from a geographic append.

Demographic Profiling – Expose behavioral differences in your students using attributes obtained from a household or lifestyle append.

Planning & Reporting

Test Design– Ensure your marketing campaign is set up to accurately test strategies, track response and to measure outcomes.

Campaign Analysis – Evaluate the effectiveness of your various marketing campaigns with a post campaign analysis.

Reporting – Continually track your marketing effectiveness and provide your team with the information needed to make critical decisions. Automated reporting will help monitor key performance indicators or ensure quality within a process.